Umati Capital

The new way to lend to African businesses

Who we are

Umati Capital (UCAP) is a non-bank financial intermediary guided by our mission: access to capital should be guided by transparent access to information. We provide working capital financing enabled by technology to SMEs who supply to larger entities in Kenya, the region, and overseas.

What we do

New & innovative way to lend to Kenyan businesses

Umati Capital is an innovative lender that uses technology to finance businesses without collateral. We finance SMEs with strong growth prospects, positive cash flows and supplier relationships with larger business partners.

With Umati Capital’s financing and technology offering, you can now:

  • Pay your suppliers immediately
  • Provides quick access to non-collateralised, affordable working capital
  • Free up cash to expand your business

How does Umati Capital work?

Umati Capital seeks to address two key problems for its defined customer segments by:

  1. Providing immediate access to working capital for growing suppliers of medium to large sized corporates.
  2. Providing a supplier-financing program customized to your payment cycles.

Umati Capital lends to African businesses across industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing

Does Umati Capital require collateral?
No! Umati Capital lends to businesses against their track record and supplier relationships. It’s that simple.

Umati Capital

Eden Square Complex,
7th Floor,
Chiromo Road
P.O Box 856-00606,
Nairobi, Kenya.

T: +254 3673534, +254 703 041 534
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