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We offer a wide range of Web-to-SMS products with customized options and solution packages. In addition, we offer SMS reponse services at very competitive market prices.

The responce services can be applicable for SMS polling/voting and SMS feedback applications among other uses.

Website SMS Widgets

We provide widgets that can be easily integrated to your website. These widgets can be used for:

  1. allowing your web users and views to share your web-content or URL via SMS.
  2. sending SMS to website subscribers

Organization and corporate SMS

Tumatext develops, installs, deploys and supports custom Web based SMS services for corporate and organization clients who would like customized SMS services. This custom service also provides the organization to change the SMS procedures and groups at its own will.

Event SMS Invites

To service the growing need for cheap and affordable communication to a large group, Tumatext has developed a quick and ready to use service to address this need. We have a service that can be used to send out:

  1. Wedding invites
  2. Party invites


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