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Lack of adequate security lighting perpetuates poverty… because it denies possibilities!

Security underlies all economic activities and thus represents a prerequisite for development. In line with VISION2030, the Government (Central government and County governments) needs to provide the necessary infrastructure to spur economic growth and security lighting is a core part of this infrastructure.
Research has shown that good security lighting makes the general public feel more secure when undertaking their daily routines. For example, in a well lit area the shop owner will open longer hours hence acquiring more wealth (reducing poverty) and also may have a need to hire an extra hand thus creating employment!

Also, lack of infrastructure such as security lighting leads to lack of employment by acting as a disincentive to investment.

About us

We are a solution based company that engages the client to assess their requirements in order to offer specialized products and services with regard to the supply, installation and maintenance of security lighting.


To be the leading light in security lighting services provision in Africa.


To provide innovative, cost effective and surprisingly diverse products that are exceptionally tailored to meet our clients specific requirements.

Core Values:

  • Client focus
  • Quality Oriented
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

Hammond Consulting Ltd

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