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Mareco Limited

Business Consulting and Financial Services

Who we are

Mareco Ltd offers advice and support on all aspects of business management and development, with regard to starting and developing a business or other organisation in the East Africa region. Such advice and support includes, but is not limited to:


Strategic advice and support

    • Market research
    • Competitor analysis
    • Marketing/sales strategy and execution
    • Mergers and acquisitions strategy and execution

Operational support

    • Legal and compliance
    • Finance and banking
    • Accounting and taxation
    • Regulations, licenses and permits
    • Human resources and recruitment advisory
    • Business/industrial infrastructure and support services


  • Sourcing long term capital for businesses in all industry sectors and stages of development, from banking and other financial institutions
  • Short term business finance solutions
  • Accessing grants and subsidised finance
The principals of Mareco Ltd have combined experience of 20 years in finance and business. Alongside their consulting and financing engagements, the principals sit on the boards of several companies active in the region, providing financial advice, strategic direction and assistance with partnerships.

Mareco Limited

Eden Square,
7th Floor, Block 1
Chiromo Road
P.O Box 856-00606,
Nairobi, Kenya.

T: +254 (0) 7155 11164 / 7335 11165

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