Interdist Alliances

Who we are

Interdist Alliances is a company whose core business is built on value added services. We are proudof the high level of specialization we ensure to our customer base. We offer solutions from the world’s leading high-technology vendors like Cisco, EMC, Oracle and Riverbed.

We provide ICT expertise to the African continent maintained by an increased number of staff certifications and on-going training to ensure that our team stays abreast of the changing and rapid requirements of the ICT market.

Our drive for excellence in business operations is based on the achievement of the highest quality service in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

With a solid determination to move forward and explore new sectors, our flexibility and adaptability allows us to meet difficult situations and environmental challenges leading to supply the right solution to new and existing business challenges.

What we do

1. Consulting

Clients might use Consulting Services for project engineering, technical consulting and management expertise. Working with our clients, our technical team will help them to evaluate, design, plan, implement, and operate complex information infrastructures.

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Tactical Consulting

2. Design

Design Services assist clients with their physical, logical and operational network infrastructures. These services produce detailed network specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve clients’ business objectives

3. Implementation Services

The technical expertise of Interdist Alliances Professional Services engineering team, together with our project management experience, will make sure that your network will be fully operational, optimized, validated and documented on scheduled deadlines.


Interdist Alliances

Landmark Plaza,
11th Floor,
Argwings Khodek Road
P.O Box 856-00606,
Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel: +254 20 3673515/ 0703 041 515

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