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Many Small Business Owners do their business within a given radius of their establishment because that is where their customer base is.

As consumers we tend to stay in a given area where we live or work to do our shopping, dining, exercising and personal needs. Small Businesses know the majority of their revenue comes fromrepeat business and a good portion of new business comes fromword of mouth or referrals.

The question is how do you stay top of mind outside your store?

How We Do It

Location Screen Sharing. We create a local network of web connected Indoor Billboards, (HD TV’s), in various locations where the local community tend to frequent. These locations are referred to as Network Partners, which tend to be quite unique to the local neighborhood community.

We not only remotely manage the content to each Partner but we also create the ads with messaging that is specific to each Partners customer base giving them top of mind relevancy and triggering word of mouth.

Network Partner:

Our Network Partner program is simply described as a screen sharing program. Those who participate play in other non-competitive locations where the chances of their customer base frequent are fairly high giving them constant exposure creating top of mind and increasing the probability of word of mouth.

All of our participants are after the same customer base why not work with each other and stay on top of our base every place they may go. Want to join? Give us a call for a quick demo – it only takes 5-10 minutes.

Network Advertisers:

Our Network Advertising program allows businesses to further their brand awareness in local areas where it means the most.
These are areas in communities where the local customer base frequent on their daily, weekly or monthly social pattern of living. Advertisers get to play their ad inside Network Partner (non-competitive) locations thousands of times a month. Month to month, no contracts. Don’t have an ad? No problem.
Availability is limited since we do not allow too many of the same industry to play inside the same location. Give us a call and ask for a quick demo, it only takes 5-10 minutes.

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