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Organizational Objective

To drive process improvement activities that delight clients by eliminating waste, reducing production costs and adding value steps that focus on customer requirements leading to operational efficiency in all business units and subsequent profitability.

Who we are:

Frontier was founded to assist airlines in the advancement of Quality, Safety, Security and Environment management through the development and delivery of advanced training programs, which reduce cost, we have contributed to the progression of safety and financial stability within the aviation industry.

By establishing a host of unique methods and programs through our partnerships we have assisted operators in finding training efficiencies, improving training techniques and increasing their staffs’ saturation of knowledge.

We are an independent service provider with expertise in the different fields of aviation safety regulations, regulatory compliance, approval processes and quality policies. Our Advisory staff has been employed by major financial institution’s, consulting firms, airlines, security agencies and defense services.

Corporate Structure & Philosophy

Frontier specializes in several activities:

  • Organizational business management activities that include business process redesign, operationalization, internal controls, project management.
  • Companywide Quality, Safety & Security Management System Audit: This would be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the current Corporate QMS i.e. SMS, Risk Analysis, Corrective Action Process, SMS etc.
  • Operational Areas Auditing: When required to cover FLT/MNT/DSP/GRH/SEC internal audit schedule for base and outstation. The process shall cover documentation, implementation, training records etc. When requested by the Licensee, it could include sister companies and new route/station audit.
  • Client Audits: We provide the most professional aviation safety and quality advice to aircraft & airport Operators and resource industry Clients in the Oil, Gas and Mining industries.
  • When on-site audits are required, interpreting of checklist items, referencing manuals and preparation of evidence.
  • Supplier Audit: This could result from an incident, intention to partner or subcontract services.
  • Aircraft Operator & Maintenance Audit: This is to support the functions covered for both, local & foreign, initial & recertification.
  • Industry Certification: To cover the five-phase certification process by providing guidance & support in line with the standard requirements.
  • Environmental Requirement: Carbon emission project options and support.
  • Document Management: Conversion of actual hard copy manuals to web base launch on intranet and CD distribution.

Our team of highly dedicated consultants and instructors work intimately on each program to ensure we deliver the quality and accuracy that our clients deserve.
We bring many years of combined aviation experience to diverse client requirements our advisors have had careers directly involved with flight operations, flight standards, training, safety and quality management systems, safety auditing and assessing.

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