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Fin Pro

International growth and success


Who we are

Finpro is a national organization boosting the internationalization of Finnish companies and their exports and promoting international investment in Finland. We support our clients’ international growth and success by enabling them to be in the right markets at the right time with a competitive concept and offering.

Both locally and globally, Finpro networking benefits our clients and our partners. Our 400 professionals work in 69 offices in almost 50 countries. As well as carrying out assignments for companies, Finpro runs several major international projects, such as Cleantech Finland, Future Learning Finland, and the FinNode network of innovation organizations.

What we do

  • Finpro Navigator is the core of our consulting services
  • Foresight is a service which allows you to identify and select ideas suitable for your company from observations and perceptions made around the world.
  • Information services – monitor changes in your sector in your target market
  • Official visits – join a commercial delegation and familiarise yourself with new markets
  • Export Partner Groups offer an efficient way of launching your export business


Fin Pro

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