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Who we are

Consumerpro is an organization comprising of young, energetic and dedicated professionals, qualified in quantitative and qualitative market and marketing research. We aim at providing our clients with research information to assist in making strategic decisions affecting their product and service offering, as well as their overall market share and profitability. Consumerpro Limited’s product and service offering are aimed at companies and individuals focused on utilizing market research and other similar consulting paradigms to form a strategic decision making and wealth creation focus. Our policy is to be regarded by our clients as the premier provider for market research and marketing services in the country

We aim to be one of the biggest market research and marketing consultancy firms in Kenya and in the process build a marketable reputation of having the best personnel, client solutions expertise, technology and commitment to deliver professional and prompt services of the highest quality. Consumerpro offers specialized services in a diversity of projects including market research, market surveys, product research, event organization and initial product placement research to entities across all industries in Kenya.

What we do

Market Surveys

We will conduct research pertaining to the clients’ market, including the following: Market Information – this is the information researched on the various products and services in the market, including supply/ demand, customers, location, quantity, quality, size of market, production, historical data yields e.t.c Market Segmentation – Information researched on the market population into different bases, including gender, personality differences, age, product use, geographical differences, psychographic differences e.t.c Market Trends – Information researched on the various upward and downward movements of the market over a determined time period Market Size – Information researched on the size of the market pertaining to particular products or services Market Analysis – This is information researched on consumers, competitors and products e.g. Customer Analysis, Competitor Analysis,Risk Analysis, Product Research, Advertising Research, e.t.c

Product Evaluation

We will assist our clients in providing research on their product and its impact on the market, using research methodologies on the following: Competitor product comparisons Consumer loyalty to the product Customer product asset base Customer product purchasing power Product brand value Product brand innovation

Initial Product Penetration

We offer our clients research information when they are introducing a new product to the market. We understand the risks involved in the introduction of a novel product in the market, and will adopt the most cost-effective strategies and research methods to mitigate the risk to the client.

Policy Strategy Drafting

We at dreamcast Limited understand that our clients require organizational guidelines to assist their product and service supply and value chain systems, and realize that future growth strategies are important in achieving that aim. “Our hallmark is to find out and know which way to turn, and show our client the way”

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