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We make brands socially remarkable

Who we are

Cl1max Media is a presentation and reputation management company. Our mission is to make brands socially remarkable. We aim at growing into a global leader in generating sustainable ideas for our clients and help them spread and win. With every stride we, therefore, focus on presenting innovative ideas that create a sense of wonder & delight for our clients. Win the world. We set aggressive goals & drive ourselves hard to achieve them. Read more about our consultancy services.


  • Integrity
Our interest is in solving customer challenges without compromising honesty and consistency in the name of profit. We challenge ourselves every day to show excellent management by emdedding love for people, services, enchanting environment and quality.
  • Environmental Social Contribution
As a corporate citizen, we strive to be an economic, intellectual & social asset in communities where we operate. We incorporate sound environmental application across each level of our projects with the to intention to share this knowledge with communities around us.
  • Disruptive Innovation
Innovation remains the backbone & DNA of every task we put our hearts and minds to. Just to add value to our customers & realize thier vision. We innovate while aware of the risk associated with our quest to realize our enviable mission.
  • Team Spirit
Cl1max Media success relies on the shared spirit and effort, pulled together, to offer integrated world class communication and marketing solutions. All team members are encouraged to interact at all management levels, share those “crazy” ideas with the intention to serve you better than any other company in the world. We place high value to individual commitment and performance in order to meet our promise – Remarkable.


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Cl1max Media

Eden Square,
7th Floor, Block 1
Chiromo Road
P.O Box 856-00606,
Nairobi, Kenya.

T: (+254) 775.115.359

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