Climate Fund Managers

Who we are

Climate Fund Managers (CFM) is a specialist fund manager dedicated to securing a sustainable future through impactful investing.

Here at CFM, our vision is to structure cutting-edge financing facilities around core areas of climate change mitigation, including Energy, Water, Landscapes, Oceans and Sustainable Cities.

By implementing our vision, we strive to deliver long-term returns to our investors whilst promoting positive change to the environment.

We are jointly owned by the Development Bank of the Netherlands, FMO, and South African infrastructure investment business, Sanlam InfraWorks - part of the Sanlam Group.

Our Vision

We have a long-term vision to implement a platform for innovative and impactful climate finance products across sectors such as energy, water, landscapes, oceans and sustainable cities.

Our debut facility, Climate Investor One (CIO), provides ‘end-to-end’ financing for renewable energy projects across global developing markets. To learn more about CIO, click the logo below.

What we do

Blended Finance Solutions

We specialize in the strategic use of public sector funding to catalyze private sector financing in developing countries.

Our blended finance facilities drive investment into developing market jurisdictions, delivering apositiveimpacttotheenvironment& local communities, as well as targeted returns to our investors.

Financial Structuring Solutions

We use innovative deal structuring to reduce the complexity of our investments.

Our approach to structuring ensures that we are able to simultaneously expedite the delivery of assets on the ground and optimize their return on investment.

E & S Solutions

We strive to achieve positive sustainable development outcomes through each of our managed investments.

Our diligent E&S management is central to the successful control of environmental & social risks and impacts. It is a critical pillar of Climate Fund Managers’ investment ethos.

For more information on Climate Fund Managers Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS) click here.

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Climate Fund Managers

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