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Who are we?

Careerpost Limited is an employment agency that was established in September 2010 in Kenya. We, at Careerpost Limited, recognize that the employees are the most valuable assets of any organisation. Our main purpose is to help Kenyan jobseekers find employment in various organisations/firms in Kenya.

Job Seekers

We invite Kenyan jobseekers residing in any part of Kenya and in other countries to tell employers about the jobs they desire, the qualifications they have attained and the skills they possess by simply creating an ad of about 50 words using the format on this site and by posting their curricula vitae.
The registration process is simple and can be done by following the 2 easy steps in the Instructions page that can be found in the ‘Jobseekers’ Board‘.¬†Once jobseekers have registered with us, your ads will be activated within a short while and will be visible to employers who will have the opportunity to select the candidates they would like to contact for recruitment whenever they have a vacancy.


Employers who are based in Kenya and who may have job vacancies currently or in the near future at their workplace are encouraged to seek highly competent employees with the right skills, knowledge and attitudes by browsing the jobseekers’ ads that will appear on the View Ads tab/link on our site and by requesting for their curricula vitae using the online request form on this site. If you need to recruit an employee quickly and cost-effectively, this site will help you achieve your objectives.  

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