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Who we are

We are a business that is dedicated to turning companies into learning centres, by providing them with learning tools.

We endeavour to contribute positively to the empowerment of corporate organisations, through coaching and mentoring of staff using appropriate tools, that move companies from good to great organisations.

What we do

Company wide Mentoring Program: The Open Boardroom Program

The Open Boardroom Program is an organisation wide program at every level that achieves the following for any organisation.

Empowers the entire organisation to think, act and deliver at the energy and creativity levels of the business owners, whilst maintaining loyalty.

Develops all the top, mid and low level managers into world class Mentors within the context of the organisation. ( Cannot be cut and pasted into another organisation)

Work Based Psychometric Assesments

A wide range of assessments that aid organisations to eliminate guess work and “gut feel” about employees.

Simulated Business Coaching

Simulations based on real life businesses, provide trainees with the challenges and corresponding insights into the management of business.

Useful when testing the abilities of new business managers and those due for promotion.

Useful when building cross functional empathy via simulated role reversal.

Corporate Business Training

A wide choice of business courses in many aspects modern business. We have over 250 courses covering all aspects of business training needs.

Speaking Engagements

Motivational sessions on a wide variety of topics decided upon jointly by the organisation and ourselves.

Our lead consultant, has authored two books both of which are available on Amazon and Kindle.


Business Persons Mentor Limited

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