BrentWellis & Associates

Who we are

Brent Wellis and Associates (BW) is a development and management consultancy company established in the year 2010 under the laws of Kenya.  The company has a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants who have worked as a team for many years in areas which broadly include: institutional development services, competency development , public policy and research, project and programme planning and management. The team has experience in providing technical services to public agencies, civil society and private organizations.

The Consultants have hands-on experience from working in development organizations in the Eastern and Horn of Africa region and, therefore, have a very good appreciation of the socio-cultural, economic and geopolitical dynamics that have affected development work in the region. The team also understands the working of the development sector, including the key players and its historical evolution.

Institutional capacity

BW has a solid institutional infrastructure, human resources and technical capacity to provide reliable and high quality services in its areas of expertise. Over 80% of team members have postgraduate qualifications of at least a master’s degree level in different specialties.

Most the team members have had successful careers in different areas and bring to the table practical skills in the respective areas of expertise. They are, in their own rights, accomplished practitioners in development work, consultancy, training, and as advisors.

Brent Wellis has ample and accessible offices in one of the safest neighbourhoods in Nairobi allowing for effective and efficient of coordination of its services and interaction with its clients. BW is also able to effectively, and within a very short time, mobilize sufficient human resources for assignments requiring relatively large numbers of people e.g. in surveys and grassroots training.

What we do

  • Institutional Development Services
  • Competency Development
  • Project Planning and Management
  •  Policy and Research




BrentWellis & Associates

Eden Square Complex,
7th Floor,
Chiromo Road
P.O Box 856-00606,
Nairobi, Kenya.

T: +254 3673387, +254 703 041 387


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