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The world is a better place than it ever has been. Poverty and violence is at an all time low while life expectancy has skyrocketed. Roads, hospitals, and schools are more common than ever. Global society is progressing in leaps and bounds.

However, there is an obstacle that must be addressed – water. It is water. Over 4 billion people either use bottled water, boil their water, or lack access to water all together.. Cities have been erected without the capability to pipe safe, clean water to their residents. At best, people can afford to purchase bottled water while many can’t afford or are unable to collect enough fuel to boil water, leaving them without access.

Aqus seeks to level the playing field by providing a solution that will bring the promise of clean water to everyone around the globe.

Aqusafe Water Filter

The Aqusafe water filter is the only filter designed around the needs and budget of people in developing countries. Capable of filtering 1,400l/day (380 gal) for 5 years, the Aqusafe filter is modular and easily adapts to the unique ways in which people interact with water around the globe. It is completely gravity operated (no electricity needed) and can connect to a bucket or nearly any faucet.

Popular Benefits

  • Save Money – An average family spends $150/year on fuel to boil water
  • Save Time - No more buying/collecting fuel or waiting to boil water.
  • Stay Healthy - No more missing school/work because of waterborne disease
  • Generate Income - As a paid in full  purchase, the Aqusafe filter is a perfect match for middle class customers.  It’s key feature however, is the extremely high flow rate. It allows for poor customers, even at the poverty line, to purchase the filter and become a water entrepreneur.  They can create a supplemental income selling clean water to their surrounding community. Because of this feature, filters are expected to be available for purchase through microfinance institutions across the globe.

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