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One Thing You Can Do to Get More Clients

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You know what one of the biggest challenges is when it comes to client acquisition for “expert” service professionals? Organizing your services in a way that allows prospects to easily understand and buy your stuff!

In other words, as a coach, consultant, speaker, accountant, chiropractor or other “expert” service professional, we usually know so much stuff that it can sometimes be problematic for prospects trying to figure out how to best work with us.

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They’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of knowledge and aren’t sure where to start. However, when you organize your service offerings in a way that’s more intuitive for the prospective buyer, you actually make it easier for people to buy because they quickly understand what you do, and how they can plug into that service.

I call that making yourself “more consumable” and it’s the one thing most “expert” service professionals can do right now to get more clients.

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