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Newsletter Issue 6

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Word from ESBC’s MD


In life today, we are faced with rising levels of complexity in managing our security requirements at home, in the office, on the roads, food, basically all aspects of life. There is a lot of information available to educate and guide us but the simple honest truth comes down to each and every one of us being mentally conscious of the security situation around them. Being in an African environment, we have always been each other’s keeper and have therefore looked out for one another.

We are however living in very different times now and we all must make a conscious effort to protect ourselves, our children and our environment better. Find ways to cultivate heightened security awareness cultures in all areas of life without making them so mechanical that they belong in a procedural book/manual.


Africa the new frontier
The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013 comes out at a time of growing international attention focused on Africa as an investment destination and mounting talk of an African economic renaissance.

This increased optimism is being spurred on by a decade of historically strong growth, with many countries in Africa relatively unscathed by the global economic crisis, thanks to prudent macroeconomic management.
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Africa's New Frontier
Consulate of Ireland


The Consulate of Ireland in Kenya moved to Eden Square in February 2013. It is from here that they assist Irish citizens living or travelling in this country or anyone in Kenya who wishes to travel to Ireland. The Consulate is equipped to issue visas, process Irish passports and other official documents.

In July 2013, Jonathan Sutton was appointed The Honorary Consul for Ireland in Kenya. Mr. Sutton is also the CEO of Radar Recruitment (also a client at ESBC) and is assisted by Miss Nehreen Ismail. Nehreen happens to be Kenya’s first female Asian rally driver. Read more

Kenya at 50
Sun rise at Il Ngwesi in Laikipia


As Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence the foresight for the country remains positive despite having had a fairly difficult election and suffering a terrorist attack. Bond yields have been well behaved and even the IMF in its latest assessment emphasized the absolute degree of macro stability. Recent discoveries of oil in Kenya have the potential to spur rapid growth. In anticipation of a need in capacity building, the Government is undertaking structural and legislative reforms.

As a member of the integrated East African Community, Kenya’s external performance will also depend on the growth rate of East African countries, especially Uganda and Tanzania with whom Kenya has significant trade ties. Kenya benefits from its strategic location, its communication with the rest of the world through the port of Mombasa and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and its relatively developed financial and services sectors.
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WiFi Matatu
Safaricom is installing and providing data services to matatus in Kenya so that vehicles will provide free WiFi to commuters through WiFi modems installed in the vehicles. More than 20 vehicles plying several routes within Nairobi including Rongai, Kayole and BuruBuru have been covered so far.
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Wi-FI Matatu

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