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Flexibility In Office Space Minimises Risk And Supports Agile Decision Making

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Flexibility In Office Space Minimises Risk And Supports Agile Decision Making

Rupert Dean, head of flexible workspace roll out for the Sunbird Group supports the case for flexible contract terms in a tough economic climate

Market trends and shifting macro international forces can significantly impact the evolution of a company’s potential growth. A shake-up in the global economy has the power to reshape a company’s entire business model.

We know current affairs are turbulent. The political instability of Brexit in the UK and Trump in the US is creating global economic uncertainty. In an African context, the results and ongoing fallout from the Kenya elections could have grave consequences for East Africa’s biggest economy.

It’s a scenario that makes long-term strategic planning tricky for any business. The modern economy operates in a state of accelerated change. To thrive under this market pressure, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to respond to challenges and disruptions and mitigate potential side effects.

One solution in the office real estate space is to minimise exposure to long-term office leases and the substantial capital required for a fit out. Whether you are a start-up or large corporate, any commitment to a lease longer than 6-12 months requires careful consideration, and you should not be investing sizeable amounts of money on a fit out. Rapid expansion will require that you forego the existing lease to relocate to larger premises, which is expensive and/or highly disruptive. On the flipside, if business does not progress as planned and you require less square meters, you may find yourself stuck in space, which is too large with an unnecessary ongoing expense to pay.

Flexible workspace saves this hassle and is one of the many reasons that serviced offices are enjoying record demand from occupiers. The ability to instantly grow, downsize or relocate according to your business size and needs is a valuable strategy. A serviced office solution comes fully equipped for immediate occupation with no up-front capital required, and it gives your business the agility to maintain efficiencies and effectiveness. It also means you won’t need to invest in those extra spaces, like a reception area, a kitchen, server rooms, printing areas, meeting rooms and mail rooms. All these facilities are available as part of a serviced office package.

Apart from corporate space in prime locations, your business will benefit from all the related office services too, from full telecommunications capability and technology back-up to superior client service and great coffee! A serviced office solution enables companies to focus on building their core business rather than spending time and resources setting up and administering their own offices.

Remember, long-term business plans do not automatically require a long-term lease. There is power in flexibility. An agile office solution makes sense; strategically, operationally and financially.

ESBC is a flexible office provider, operating serviced offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with proposed expansions into Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique and Nigeria in 2018. With a focus on providing blue-chip office solutions to quality clients, from single entrepreneurs and freelancers to SMEs or large multi-nationals, ESBC provides space for businesses to grow and evolve.

ESBC is part of the Sunbird Group, an integrated support services platform operating primarily throughout East and Southern Africa, providing serviced accommodation, call centres, storage solutions, corporate fleet services, and training.

For flexible office solutions, contact Rupert Dean ( or Maria Wamakonjio (

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