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Close-up of East Africa’s Flexible Workspace and Tech Startup Ecosystem :: Interview With Our Partner ESBC

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Africa is home to some of the fastest growing cities and in terms of financial potential and growth, it has never been more important than it is today. The continent is at the start of a technological renaissance, turning the focus on the startup community and confirming the importance of an ecosystem that is both locally relevant and globally recognised.

Studies suggest that that 7 of 10 of the world’s fastest growing internet populations are in Africa. This is only the beginning of a trend that is not only reshaping economies, but also the workplace, the way companies are organised, and how people work.

Rupert Dean, Director of Services and Governance, Sunbird Group

Rupert Dean, Director of Services and Governance, Sunbird Group

Today we meet with Rupert Dean, Director of Services and Governance at Sunbird Group to learn more about East Africa’s Flexible Workspace and  Startup Ecosystem.

Through their subsidiary company ESBC, Sunbird Group offers a range of flexible office solutions and related business services to meet the growing needs of companies setting up or expanding their businesses into the East African region.

ESBC was launched in 2006 and joined the eOffice Global Network in 2014. They are now the oldest and most established workplace provider in the East African region. With six locations across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, they have helped over 200 companies grow and prosper. They are currently looking to expand throughout Sub-Sahara Africa.

What differentiates you from other serviced offices in the East Africa Region?

ESBC was the first serviced office in Kenya and we have a deep understanding of the East Africa market with serviced offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Through our knowledge of the local markets and our understanding of local client requirement we aim is to create an environment which provides the greatest impact on workers to help drive the growth of our clients in the region. That means creating an environment and a culture where employees want to go, where they can network and where they want to stay and which subsequently results in higher productivity.

We know every single one of our clients. We have grown with them since ESBC began and seen clients grow from 1 – 40 people and we have seen clients have to downsize but no matter what the circumstances we are not impersonal enough or too big to find a solution which suits our clients. We will even open a new site just for a client anywhere they want!

As part of the Sunbird Group (which provides a wider range of property and support services) we can evolve with each of our clients and provide a much wider range of services (from fleet management to storage to serviced apartments) which means that we are just one part of a much larger outsourcing capability to our clients to mean they can focus on their core business.

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